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Archived Commercial Blog Posts

Our Commercial Property Experience by Paul Padilla, Operations Manager

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

Hotel Fire Sprinkler Water Damage Remediation Hotel Fire Sprinkler Water Damage Remediation

Commercial properties make up a large majority of people's everyday lives, from malls and office buildings to warehouses and schools. Commercial buildings have the public moving in and out of the doors day in and day out. Whether it is a flood, fire or other disastrous event that can happen, it affects large amounts of people. Having the right team to keep everything running smoothly means everything to our successful remediation and re-build of a commercial property.

At SERVPRO of Fountain Valley, our team of remediation and construction experts have many years of experience in the remediation and construction industries. We know what needs to be done and how to do it. We can help guide a client through the most challenging projects with confidence and knowledge. Our services range from performing emergency remediation services including water extraction, drying, demolition, sewage, mold, disinfection and fire damage clean up to board ups, temporary power, temporary fencing and full reconstruction services.

We have resources and expertise to set up temporary power and can keep an office running throughout the process. We can also pack out  and store items from offices, buildings, schools, stores and other commercial properties when necessary. At SERVPRO of Fountain Valley we can remediate and restore any type or size of loss including water, flood, storm, fire, wind, mold, fire, smoke, smokers, trauma or biohazard damage from start to finish. We are fully capable and have done the impossible time and time again. We have remediated hotels, retail stores, movie theaters, car dealer ships, churches, temples, summer camps and numerous warehouses and offices. We do jobs for numerous large companies including Ayres Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Radisson Inns, Edwards Cinemas, Fletcher Jones Mercedes, Yakult, Mathnasium, Penny Saver, Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions, the Allstate Corporate Office and more. We have also done work for the cities of Newport Beach, Fountain Valley and Diamond Bar. 

We at SERVPRO of Fountain Valley are an honest, reliable company having proven ourselves over the last 18 years to be the "go to" company for Remediation and Construction throughout our region.

Keeping Your Break Room Fridge Mold-Free

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Old used dirty refrigerator with mold, aged junk in the kitchen Fridge mold in Gothard, CA.

Four Steps That Can Be Taken To Prevent Fridge Mold

The moisture inside your break room’s refrigerator and the presence of spoiling foods are ideal conditions for mold growth. Since you don’t have much control over the fridge’s condensation, you need to address the expired foods. Taking preventative measures beforehand decreases chances of facing bigger problems later. 

1. Be Accountable

Everyone who uses the communal refrigerator should keep track of what they put in, when they put it in, and when it needs discarding. If employees have difficulty remembering, they can put date labels on each item. By following this simple suggestion, mold growth may be discouraged.

2. Perform a Weekly Purge

Choose one day each week to examine the contents of the fridge and get rid of anything that doesn’t pass inspection. Make sure to sanitize afterward, as disinfecting the fridge is important for avoiding mold growth. Schedule this housekeeping every Friday so nothing goes bad over the weekend. No one wants to return to work on Monday and deal with fridge mold.

3. Pay for Sterilization

If employees feel that cleaning out the fridge isn’t included in their job description, consider hiring a cleaning service to tackle the task. It may be a costly expense, but it will be worth it. Footing the bill for routine cleanings is better than having a mold outbreak.

4. Know Who To Contact

If the mold prevention measures you took didn’t work, make sure to contact your mold removal specialists in Gothard, CA. They have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to quickly remove mold as well as other hidden sources that may be mold-infested.

Getting a whiff of that dreaded mold smell and later discovering fridge mold can be overwhelming and scary for employers. Follow the above steps to be proactive in your fight against mold rather than simply reactive after its formation.

Tips for Making Fire Claims Efficient and Simple

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Burned restaurant, counter when ordering food totally burned Fire damage to a restaurant in Gothard, CA.

Fire Claim And Cleanup Process

While a blaze is a serious setback, the devastation doesn't mean you have to pull the plug on your goals and dreams. A commercial owner in Gothard, CA, who holds a property insurance policy, may file a fire claim, seeking financial assistance. Here are four things owners may do to smooth out the process, saving time and frustration.

1. Don't Wait To Make a Call
Fires often happen during off-hours, late in the evening when people aren't expecting help. That's not true. Insurers usually have a line available to speak with agents, or you can begin to initiate a request online or through a phone application. The earlier you seek assistance, the better off you are.

2. Secure the Area Immediately
Don't let the problem grow. Insurers think less is better; therefore, while owners should not handle the property, a fire restoration company has the knowledge and experience to get right into the structure and attack any immediate concerns. Hire a crew to shield the premises from additional harm. These specialists are likely to board up the location. If extra security is necessary, they can create a watch team.

3. Begin a Documentation File
A fire claim may get held up if it lacks support or is inaccurately made. Take the time to email your agent, asking particular questions about the format for requests and necessary steps. Being aware is a significant part of the compensation game. Keep receipts in this spot. It's best to upload them so they can't get lost. Evidence trials that are easily accessible make your questions more valid.

4. Take Pictures
Any communications or photos that you take should be placed in an online file. Above all, always put an image with your inquiry. Are you asking for property loss replacement? Show the report from the company deeming it lost to fire damage loss. Also, show its charred form. That's hard to refute.
Reach out to your specialists and your insurer to then discuss the fire claim and cleanup. Communication is essential so that you receive what you need and deserve. Speak up and continue to document.

The Tricky Area of Mold Insurance

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Mold on wall due to humidity. Mold damage in Gothard, CA building.

If your company in Gothard, CA, is unlucky enough to face a mold infestation, you might assume your commercial insurance policy will cover damages and expenses. Not so fast. Unfortunately, mold insurance claims can be a bit tricky. The fungus exclusion, a standard feature in most commercial and residential policies, states that coverage for mold and mildew, wet or dry rot and bacteria are not included. That might seem straightforward enough (as well as disappointing) until you consider the fungus exception. This provision of most policies does provide coverage for a mold claim under certain circumstances.

Clarification of the Fungus Exception

If the presence of mold on your property is the result of an event that is covered in your policy, you could be covered. Common situations that result in mold and that are normally covered under commercial insurance include the following:

  • A leaky pipe
  • A leak from fire fighting equipment such as a sprinkler system
  • An unexpected moisture problem

In situations that are covered, you still have responsibilities with mold insurance claims. You must act quickly to minimize damage and do everything in your power to address the situation. In terms of liability coverage, a property owner faces an uncertain situation when it comes to lawsuits filed by building tenants. As always, you should consult with your insurance agent at least once a year to go over policy changes.

Explanation of Mold Remediation

A professional mold restoration company performs many services related to mold removal. It can test to identify the presence of mold in a building. It can kill the mold and remove it from the property. Trained technicians can clean surfaces contaminated with mold, and restore areas that have been damaged by mold growth. An experienced company can offer assistance with mold insurance claims. A reputable mitigation company is Here to Help restore your company to its original condition before a mold outbreak.

Why Would Fire Sprinklers Go Off Accidentally?

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

Active fire sprinkler Fire sprinkler systems are great assets in protecting life and property.

Keep The Following Things In Mind

Fire sprinkler systems are great assets in protecting life and property. They react to heat from fire, discharging water to prevent them from becoming larger. However, the systems are not infallible. If your building in Beach Boulevard, CA, suffered flooding or other damage due to a sprinkler system accidentally going off, keep these things in mind.

1. Be Careful Where You Install the Sprinklers
Fire sprinklers going off when there is no fire is a sign of a problem. Take care in choosing where to install the sprinklers. Sprinklers respond to heat, releasing water pressure to douse the heat they detect as flames. If they are installed too close to a source of heaters, skylights, or other sources of excessive heat that do not involve flames, they may be misreading the heat as fire.

2. Practice Proper Maintenance
Continually maintain and quality check the sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems are pipes filled with water. If any part of those pipes freeze, they may expand causing damage that could lead to leaks or increased water pressure in the pipes. Increased pressure can lead to accidental discharge. Mechanical damage or corrosion of the system can also lead to leaking or accidental discharge of water. Prevent avoidable flooding and water damage by regularly verifying that your system is running in top form.

3. Be Wary of Intentional Damage
There is also the possibility of deliberate tampering caused by vandalism or attempts at insurance fraud. If you are unable to determine the source of the problem when a sprinkler system has malfunctioned, consult a water damage restoration specialist to inspect the system and identify the source of the issue.
There is no question that fire sprinkler systems are essential life-saving assets. When functioning correctly, they slow or stop the spread of flames and often save lives and property. Practice careful installation and maintenance of your sprinkler system to prevent unnecessary flooding and damage.

4 Stages of Conducting Office Fire Drills

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door Fire drill practice in a Fountain Valley, CA building.

4 Stages of Conducting Office Fire Drills

Good office management demands conducting the periodic fire drill. Effective execution of these exercises, however, requires following a few basic phases. Maximize the efficacy of evacuation rehearsals by adhering to the below stages.

1. Learn As Much as Possible
Educate yourself by absorbing as much information as you can. Official resources like the American Red Cross offer many useful suggestions regarding emergency preparedness. Also, make use of your local fire brigade in Fountain Valley, CA. Fire chiefs often are willing to provide companies with in-person evaluations. Such meetings sometimes uncover recommendations you might never have otherwise considered.

2. Map Out and Convey Escape Routes
Make certain workers become familiar with their expected fire drill exit paths. Utilize email or companywide messaging systems to plainly communicate how they should correctly proceed. Always include alternative methods of flight, should a primary path become impassible. Occasionally mix up drills by creating obstacles that force staff to utilize these secondary passages. Take measures to change the timing of drills and never neglect to post clearly defined maps in strategically optimal and properly lighted spots.

3. Delegate Responsibilities
Assign delegates from each department to handle lead drill duties. Task these leaders with identifying where employees should congregate after safely evacuating. Likewise, make these individuals responsible for conducting roll calls and announcing when reentry eventually becomes permissible.

4. Conduct a Post-Drill Analysis
Once everything has concluded, congregate with your drill representatives and analyze what transpired. Note how long the exercise took to complete, as well as any obvious problems encountered. Brainstorm strategies for quickening the extraction process and compare subsequent results to ascertain the effectiveness of having implemented these changes.
A well-administered fire drill is an essential tool for training your workforce on how to depart a flaming building without injury. Should your business suffer the ravages of fiery destruction, you can commence the fire damage restoration chapter knowing your actions helped ensure everyone’s ultimate protection.

Air Ducts: A Common Location for Mold

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold spots around an air duct Mold growth on air duct

If you get a whiff of a displeasing pungent odor in your Fountain Valley, CA, property, it is a sure sign you may have a mold problem. If know there are no visible signs in areas prone to moisture, that growth may be happening in the air ducts. A cocktail of humidity, poor ventilation, warmth and dust to feed on makes them an ideal location for spores to spread.

Steps To Take

Once you suspect the ducts have been infiltrated, below are essential steps to take to mitigate the problem.

Turn off the HVAC unit. If it continues to run, it means more spores blowing to unaffected areas.
Inspect the tubes or channels and determine what they are made of. Different materials will require different cleaning methods. If they are insulated or have fiberglass, they may need to be replaced.
Contact a mold remediation and restoration company to inspect and assess the damage. Regardless of the size of the business, the HVAC system is complex and often difficult to get to. A certified company will have the tools and expertise to locate, eradicate and mitigate any infestations.

Prevention Tips

Ensuring you have clean ducts is the best way to avoid a black mold problem altogether. Along with general maintenance, the system should be cleaned around every three to five years. Below are other steps to minimize the chance of a colony flourishing.

If you have had mold in the vents before, it is essential to determine the cause and make the necessary repairs.
Strive to keep humidity levels under 60%. If that is difficult to maintain, invest in a dehumidifier.
The heating and cooling system itself is prone to creating condensation and potential leaks. Regularly inspect that drip pans aren’t overflowing and there is no standing water.

Unfortunately, mold is something that easily grows in the right conditions. Staying on top of maintenance is essential to prevent that from happening.