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4 Elements of the Need for Early Testing

2/25/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall due to humidity Mold growth on walls due to humidity.

4 Elements of the Need for Early Testing

One of the first steps in water cleanup and restoration is a thorough inspection and damage assessment. As part of this assessment, the technician may complete pretesting to keep costs down. This early action helps technicians create a plan of action and come up with a cost estimate. There are several good reasons for doing this testing:

Hidden Damage

When water flows through your building, it causes a variety of problems, including ruining furnishings and textiles, causing mold growth, and weakening structural elements of the building. Pretesting before you file an insurance claim means that unseen damages, such as mold behind interior walls can be identified and addressed in the claim. Otherwise, unseen damage won't be part of the initial claim.

Contaminated Water

The second element of the testing is determining the type of water affecting the property. The level of contamination of the water in the building will affect the restoration services. For example, the clean water from a burst pipe under the sink doesn't require the same highly specialized equipment and techniques that black water with feces and hazardous chemicals requires.

Claim Accuracy

As cleanup and restoration technicians work through their testing, you should take careful notes. All of the information included in the reports and your notes will help the insurance agent complete the insurance claim. Your notes will also help you understand the rest of the process.

Low Costs

How does this early testing keep costs down? First, it ensures that hidden damage doesn't have the chance to lead to more damage. Second, the completed pre-assessment protects technicians and the people living or working in the building from exposure to contaminants in the water. Finally, avoiding mistakes when filing the claim prevents unnecessary expenditures.
Pretesting is one way that restoration professionals keep costs low. When you find water damage in your Beach Boulevard, CA, building, make sure that this early testing is part of the process.

Air Ducts: A Common Location for Mold

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold spots around an air duct Mold growth on air duct

If you get a whiff of a displeasing pungent odor in your Fountain Valley, CA, property, it is a sure sign you may have a mold problem. If know there are no visible signs in areas prone to moisture, that growth may be happening in the air ducts. A cocktail of humidity, poor ventilation, warmth and dust to feed on makes them an ideal location for spores to spread.

Steps To Take

Once you suspect the ducts have been infiltrated, below are essential steps to take to mitigate the problem.

Turn off the HVAC unit. If it continues to run, it means more spores blowing to unaffected areas.
Inspect the tubes or channels and determine what they are made of. Different materials will require different cleaning methods. If they are insulated or have fiberglass, they may need to be replaced.
Contact a mold remediation and restoration company to inspect and assess the damage. Regardless of the size of the business, the HVAC system is complex and often difficult to get to. A certified company will have the tools and expertise to locate, eradicate and mitigate any infestations.

Prevention Tips

Ensuring you have clean ducts is the best way to avoid a black mold problem altogether. Along with general maintenance, the system should be cleaned around every three to five years. Below are other steps to minimize the chance of a colony flourishing.

If you have had mold in the vents before, it is essential to determine the cause and make the necessary repairs.
Strive to keep humidity levels under 60%. If that is difficult to maintain, invest in a dehumidifier.
The heating and cooling system itself is prone to creating condensation and potential leaks. Regularly inspect that drip pans aren’t overflowing and there is no standing water.

Unfortunately, mold is something that easily grows in the right conditions. Staying on top of maintenance is essential to prevent that from happening.

When Should Property Owners Call a Restoration Company

2/16/2021 (Permalink)

Servpro van parked in front of a commercial building. Hire a water restoration company to guide you in the remediation procedures.

Here Are Four Times To Definitely Give The Specialists A Call

Water intrusion creates several major issues for a commercial building. The saturation harms the structure, possibly leading to rot and mold; therefore, property owners should call in a water restoration company any time moisture problems arise. Whether dealing with a pipe burst cleanup or an internal leak, the experts have knowledge and where-with-all to properly care for the source and avoid secondary damage. 

1. Possible Contamination
A backflow or sewer line break permits mass levels of bacteria to invade the space, permeating deep with any porous surfaces. A plumber and a can of bleach do not eradicate the infestation. Instead, rely on a sewer cleanup company in Gothard, CA, to determine the type of organisms and organize a plan to contain and eliminate them.

2. Water Saturation
Heavy water absorption not only deteriorates material but triggers rapid mold growth. Check dark closets and cabinets. If there is a musty smell, unusual discoloration, or heavy moisture, have the area checked. In addition, call for toilet overflow or pipe burst cleanup; these especially demand a quick response. The remediation team enters to assess and immediately implement effective drying techniques that hinder spore production.

3. Older Plumbing Systems
Don't wait until something happens. Older pipes incur more wear and tear; thus, they are likely to develop cracks and breaks. Allow crews to perform a leak detection test to ensure that the lines function correctly. Ask about whether pipes need to be replaced or repaired. Take initiative, and fix small issues to thwart the larger ones.

4. Concerning Deterioration
Before the broken pipe busts, owners may see signs of water seepage. Wallpaper and paint may curl; the drywall may develop water stains. Also, the floors may shift or buckle. Ask for an evaluation to locate the source.
Dampness is alarming, especially when allowed to sit idly. That prolonged moisture wreaks havoc on the structure; therefore, immediately tend to pipe burst cleanup to safeguard the establishment and hire a water restoration company to guide you in the remediation procedures.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Repair

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

house under fire House fire

Fires can be unnerving and cause massive damage to your property. When the fire department arrives, they will quickly take action to stop the spread of fire. It’s possible that to do this, they might have to cut a hole on the roof of your house or business property to release the smoke faster.  

Fixing the repair will take a lot of time and it’s definitely not an easy process. Fortunately, we at SERVPRO are always ready to help you with fire damage repairs! Our team of professionals are well-trained and have the necessary tools and skills to clean and restore your property in no time. We can fix the roof, clean the debris, and more! If you’re in the California area, you can call our Fountain Valley branch at (714) 965-4500. 

Water Damage Repair in California

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

man fixing pipe problem Water issues should be fixed immediately

Water overflow can be caused by pipe leaks, floods, sewer backup, etc. This can be devastating if it’s not immediately fixed. Humidity and moisture can cause mold growth and irreversible damage to your property. This is why it’s crucial to clean and restore your property as soon as possible. 

We understand the urgency of such situations which is why SERVPRO is always ready 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you with water damage repair. Our skilled technicians will do everything they can to restore your property effectively and efficiently.  

SERVPRO of Fountain Valley is locally owned and operated. We’re also ready to help you with cleaning or restoration projects in California. We’re always available so feel free to call us at (714) 965-4500.

Storm Damage Property Restoration

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

red building flooded Storm floods can be devastating

Storms can bring in heavy floods and cause water damage to your home. It’s important to keep in mind that you shouldn’t immediately enter the premises of your property after a storm flood. This is because there might be faulty electrical wirings and the structure of the property might not be as sturdy as before. Moreover, the flood water might have brought sewage wastes. The best and safest thing for you to do is to have your property inspected first.   

The best course of action is to have a cleaning and restoration company to inspect your property first. SERVPRO of Fountain Valley is always here to help clean and restore your residential or commercial property after a storm damage. For immediate service, call us at (714) 965-4500 and we will be there as soon as possible. 

Here’s how you can prevent mold growth in your property

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

yellow molds on wall Stop mold growth before it gets worse!

Mold overgrowth can cause a lot of problems to your property. It’s also expensive to clean and repair after it has been severely damaged by mold. Of course, it’s better to prevent such problems from occurring. Here are the best ways to prevent mold infestations.

Inspect common areas that have mold growth

Molds grow and thrive in humid and damp conditions. The common areas of mold growth in a property are the bathroom, kitchen, and basement. You should check these areas if it has mold growth. Don’t forget to inspect areas that aren’t easily visible such as below the sink, under the toilet, etc. 

Dry wet areas as soon as you can

After you finish using the bathroom, make sure to give it enough air flow by opening the door and windows. This will make it easier for the area to dry and prevent it from becoming a hotspot for molds. Same goes for other areas that are constantly exposed to water.

Preventing House Fires

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

house getting burned You need to be vigilant to prevent house fires

Your home is the place where you create precious memories and feel safe. This is why it’s hard to imagine your home being destroyed by a fire. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent house fires from starting. Check out these tips to keep your home secure! 

Don’t just install smoke alarms, test them! 

Installing a smoke alarm is one of the best ways to prevent fires from becoming worse. However, you need to check if they’re working well. If they beep weakly, then it most likely means the battery needs to be replaced.

Fire extinguishers 

A smoke alarm is good but it’s not enough. Once a fire has been detected, you need to have the means to eliminate the fire source. A fire extinguisher can control and remove small fires effectively. 

Ensure your heating sources are not a fire hazard 

Have your heating sources checked by a professional for safety. You should also have your air filters cleaned out. If you’re using a space heater, make sure it’s away from flammable materials.

Why Professional Cleaning Services are Better

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

People cleaning a room Professional cleaning services provide better cleaning quality

If you’re on the fence on professional cleaning services, here are the top reasons why they’re better than standard cleaning. 

Better value for money 

Mediocre cleaning solutions only do basic cleaning such as a quick vacuum and taking out the trash. Sure, the service may be cheap but the cleaning quality is substandard. You’ll get better value for your money with professional cleaning services since they offer more cleaning options and provide better long-term  

High-quality cleaning

Professional cleaning services go above and beyond the usual cleaning routines. They will clean hard-to-reach places and ensure your house or business property is thoroughly cleaned using top of the line cleaning procedures and tools. 

Saves you time 

Some of you probably don’t have the time to effectively clean your property, which is why a professional cleaning service will be a big help for you to save you time. They’re experts at what they do and can effectively finish the job for you.  

3 Ways to Flood-Proof Your Home

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

Living room flooded SERVPRO of Fountain Valley Does Restoration Services for Flooded Properties

Even if you live in a low-risk area, floods are potentially still a problem if a strong enough storm with heavy rainfall hits your city or town. In this blog, we will provide tips on how to flood-proof your home or business to minimize or prevent water damage. 

Alter Your Landscape

It’s possible that your landscape can amplify the damage caused by stormwater. This is because stormwater might directly go to your home or business. The best thing you can do is to get advice from a landscaping company on how to effectively landscape your property. They will most likely advise you to create channels that force stormwater away from your house or office.

Get Flood Insurance

In most cases, standard property insurance doesn't cover flood damages so you must get separate flood insurance. Ideally, the insurance should also cover the contents of your property. 

Add a Sewage Water Backstop in Your Basement

If your basement floor drain fills up fast after heavy rains then you should consider installing a sewage water backstop or a backflow prevention valve. This device helps prevent filled sewer mains from backing up to your basement. Be sure a licensed plumber installs the device.

Have Questions about Basement Flooding?

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