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Keeping Your Break Room Fridge Mold-Free

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Old used dirty refrigerator with mold, aged junk in the kitchen Fridge mold in Gothard, CA.

Four Steps That Can Be Taken To Prevent Fridge Mold

The moisture inside your break room’s refrigerator and the presence of spoiling foods are ideal conditions for mold growth. Since you don’t have much control over the fridge’s condensation, you need to address the expired foods. Taking preventative measures beforehand decreases chances of facing bigger problems later. 

1. Be Accountable

Everyone who uses the communal refrigerator should keep track of what they put in, when they put it in, and when it needs discarding. If employees have difficulty remembering, they can put date labels on each item. By following this simple suggestion, mold growth may be discouraged.

2. Perform a Weekly Purge

Choose one day each week to examine the contents of the fridge and get rid of anything that doesn’t pass inspection. Make sure to sanitize afterward, as disinfecting the fridge is important for avoiding mold growth. Schedule this housekeeping every Friday so nothing goes bad over the weekend. No one wants to return to work on Monday and deal with fridge mold.

3. Pay for Sterilization

If employees feel that cleaning out the fridge isn’t included in their job description, consider hiring a cleaning service to tackle the task. It may be a costly expense, but it will be worth it. Footing the bill for routine cleanings is better than having a mold outbreak.

4. Know Who To Contact

If the mold prevention measures you took didn’t work, make sure to contact your mold removal specialists in Gothard, CA. They have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to quickly remove mold as well as other hidden sources that may be mold-infested.

Getting a whiff of that dreaded mold smell and later discovering fridge mold can be overwhelming and scary for employers. Follow the above steps to be proactive in your fight against mold rather than simply reactive after its formation.

To Effectively Eliminate Mold, Do These Three Things

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth in the corner of a wall Black mold damage in Gothard, CA.

Three Things To Do To Get Rid Of Mold

Black mold thrives in damp, dark areas, using humidity to reproduce. Residents may think that with the water source eliminated, fungus spores are likely to die independently. Removing that moisture, however, isn't enough to solve your problems. If those spores remain, mold is still in the home; therefore, homeowners in Gothard, CA, should understand the full extent of cleaning procedures. To get rid of mold, do the following three things.

1. Dry Out Space
Removing wetness is vital to mold cleanup because it mitigates the spread. Without the water, the spores are less likely to multiply, meaning residents have less infestation to deal with. Cutting off this supply, though, only hinders additional reproduction. It doesn't kill the organisms. It doesn't make them disappear.

2. Remove Structures
Take out the polluted materials. Doing so is the best method to ensuring organisms do not regrow or remain. Black mold is microscopically tiny, penetrating deep within porous materials. That means your house has possible trouble with any of the following:

  • Upholstery
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Flooring
  • Drywall

If any of these are contaminated, work with a water restoration company to determine whether pieces should be torn out or sanitized with high-tech content cleaning equipment. If in doubt, remember that tear-outs are simply a means of protection

3. Scrub Thoroughly
With the moisture problem under control, turn your attention to nonporous pieces that could have spores on the outside. For instance, the air conditioner unit should be meticulously scrubbed. Wash walls and furniture with warm water and soap. Apply an antimicrobial spray to surfaces. These processes reduce the likelihood of future concerns.
Don't expect black mold to vanish on its own. It's there until you take it off of your land. Therefore, while water reduction is vital to limiting obstacles, it's not a complete solution. It would be best if you also prioritized removing polluted materials and scrubbing the area thoroughly.

How To Avoid Space Heater Fires

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Space heater in a office Keep your space heater clean to minimize fire risk.

A space heater can provide extra warmth. It can also save on heating bills by allowing you to set the thermostat in your home in Beach Boulevard, CA, on low while still heating the specific rooms you are using to a comfortable temperature. A burned space heater doesn't help you, though. To avoid space heater fires, you need to follow a few simple tips.

Give It Space

The heating elements on a space heater give off an impressive amount of heat, but they can turn into a fire hazard quickly if they are crowded. There are several guidelines to make sure you have enough space around your heater:

  • Maintain radius of three feet from flammable objects
  • Don't use near combustible substances, such as gasoline
  • Keep children and pets away from heater
  • Set it on a level surface so it doesn't topple over

Turn It Off

To avoid having a burned space heater when you leave the room, remember to turn it off. Space heaters should never be left unattended while they are on, especially if you leave the house altogether. In fact, it's a good idea to unplug the heater when you are not at home. Keep an eye out for a frayed or otherwise damaged cord.

Keep It Clean

Keep your space heater clean to minimize fire risk. Dust and other debris can turn a functioning space heater into an electric fireplace in a hurry. Replace filters regularly according to the manufacturer's recommendation so that dirt does not infiltrate the heating mechanism. Follow maintenance instructions so that it not only lasts a long time but also does not become a safety issue.

A burned space heater can turn convenience into a nightmare. By following these simple guidelines, you can increase your creature comforts while still keeping you and your family safe. To avoid having to call for fire cleanup with a restoration company, choose a space heater that is safe and use it safely.

Fixing Your Leaky Toilet

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe Leaking toilet in Fountain Valley, CA.

Fixing Your Leaky Toilet

Suddenly discovering a puddle of water in the bathroom can be concerning. In most cases, the cause of a bathroom leak is the toilet. While a leaking toilet is a problem you’ll want to address as quickly as possible, it isn’t as daunting as it might seem. Here are steps you can take to stop the leak and minimize the impact of water damage to your home.

1. Find the Leak

The first visible indication that your toilet has a leak is the presence of water on your bathroom floor. However, sometimes, you won’t see any water at all. That’s because leaking water can get trapped between your flooring and underlayment. If you suspect a leak, probe the floor for spots that feel soft or spongy. If the toilet is on the upper floor, water can leak down the flange and stain the ceiling below. You can’t miss the unmistakable odor of sewer gas when a toilet isn’t seated properly.

2. Tighten the Bolts

Once you’ve determined the toilet is the culprit, inspect its fit. Is it stable, or does it rock? If the anchor bolts on either side are loose, tighten them down. Alternate when tightening to ensure you don’t overdo it. Too tight, and you could break the flange.

3. Replace the Wax Ring

If the leak persists after tightening the bolts, you’ll have to replace the wax ring that sits between the toilet and the flange. Over time, this ring can dry out and break the seal, resulting in a leaking toilet. You’ll need to uninstall the unit, remove the old ring and install a replacement.

4. Beware of Hidden Damage

Hopefully, you’ve caught the leak early enough. If the toilet leak has exposed your subfloor and structural supports to water, however, there may be larger issues you need to consider. If there’s any question whether the leak has caused rot or damage, contact a restoration specialist in Fountain Valley, CA, who can assess the situation and suggest the proper repairs.

If you find you have a leaking toilet, address the issue as quickly as possible. If necessary, call in a professional for expert help.

How To Avoid a Candle Fire

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

wax warmer Wax warmers are good ways to infuse your home with a pleasing fragrance.

A candle fire at your Beach Boulevard, CA, home is a frightening thought, but many people enjoy candles enough to brave the risk. Fortunately, there are many candle alternatives available, and proper safety measures minimize the possibility of a fire for those who choose to enjoy traditional candles.

Alternatives to Candles

There are a variety of alternatives that can be used in place of traditional wick candles. The following are some of the most popular:

  • Battery-operated candles
  • Reed diffusers
  • Wax warmers
  • Plug-in air fresheners

Flameless candles are good for those who like the visual effect of a traditional candle but want to minimize fire risk. There are flameless alternatives, such as battery-operated Hanukkah menorahs, available for religious purposes. For those who are more interested in the aromatic experience of candles, air fresheners, reed diffusers, and wax warmers are good ways to infuse your home with a pleasing fragrance. Remember to keep oils and wax away from children and pets to prevent burns and accidental ingestion.

Safety Measures

Although there are a variety of candle alternatives available, sometimes homeowners want to burn traditional candles. Fortunately, wick candles can be enjoyed safely if adequate precautions are taken. Be sure not to leave the candle unattended or in reach of pets or children. Do not burn the candle near fabrics or anything else that can catch fire. Keep candles a minimum of three inches apart. Have a fire extinguisher and fire blanket nearby, and test your smoke detectors regularly.

Whether you choose to use one of the many candle alternatives on the market today or practice extra caution using wick candles, it is possible to enjoy the ambiance created by candlelight while avoiding a house fire. If your home does suffer damage from a candle fire, an experienced restoration service can provide the tools and expertise needed to get your home back to normal.

How To Prepare Your Office for a Severe Storm

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

four workers with protective gear removing drywall from a building, flood cuts performed, debris on the floor. Flood damage to a building in Fountain Valley, CA.

Prepare For Severe Weather At Work

Thunderstorms threaten both residential homes and commercial business buildings every year. Severe storms can produce high winds, hail, and lightning, all of which can wreak havoc on structures and cause harm to their occupants. If you are a building manager looking to equip your business with the proper safety features to withstand a thunderstorm, read below to learn how to best prepare for severe weather at work.

Plan in Advance
A severe rainstorm can appear seemingly out of nowhere. Therefore, be sure your office is ready for an emergency by organizing proper first aid equipment if or when it is needed. Conventional emergency kits often include:

  • Water
  • Batteries
  • Nonperishable food
  • Blankets
  • First-aid supplies
  • Medicine

Additionally, ensure your office has an evacuation plan in place, and conduct practice storm drills regularly. Don't forget to post relevant contact numbers near the first aid supplies in the event an employee needs to place an emergency call.

Take Proper Emergency Precautions
If a severe rainstorm in Fountain Valley, CA, is imminent, ensure you and your employees follow proper office protocol. Track local news channels, and listen for forecasts and updates regarding the storm's severity.
Encourage employees to remain inside by canceling any planned outdoor functions or gatherings. Further, recommend they steer clear of the windows as they can potentially shatter in the high winds of a violent thunderstorm.
Finally, in anticipation of a power outage, charge all mobile devices and tablets so that they will be usable during the storm.

Recover Appropriately
Even when a rainstorm subsides, you must continue to take proper precautions to ensure employee safety. First, steer clear of any storm-damaged structures until professionals conduct a storm damage assessment. Continue listening to local news coverage, which will indicate road closures, traffic jams, and flooded streets. Lastly, always avoid fallen power lines, and report them to the fire department immediately.
An extreme thunderstorm can present many dangers to an office environment. Proper preparation and awareness can keep your employees safe and out of harm's way.

How Professional Water Damage Restoration Can Help You

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

Hallway of a building with air movers and drying equipment Drying equipment placed on-site to avoid any secondary damage.

Process of Water Cleanup and Drying

If you have water damage in your business or home, it is imperative to act fast. Many people are unaware of what to do when a flood or water damage occurs. When your residential or commercial place suffers water damage, you need to get professional help immediately. Professionals will analyze, plan, and ultimately restore your property to where it was before the water or flood damage. The following are the steps used by flood mitigation professionals or companies for water cleanup and drying.

Inspection and Assessment

In any water or flood damage situation, the first step is to assess all of the building materials as well as the contents that are affected by water in-home or moisture. A professional will use advanced equipment such as infrared technology to determine where there is moisture and/or water in the building. The professional will take appropriate steps to figure out where the water seeped in and if it has saturated into the walls. The restoration professional will want to know if the water has made it into the wood.

After the assessment of water in business or home, the mitigation professional will develop a specific water cleanup and drying plan for the water in the home or water in the business. Flood damage and water cleanup companies have trained professionals and specialty equipment they use to evaluate flood damage and make sure all areas that are affected by water or moisture are identified. Even if the damage seems small or isolated, you should have a professional evaluate the situation.


Once the restoration professional has assessed the damages it is time to extract all of the water. Removing excess moisture and unwanted water is a crucial step in a flood situation. Water damage mitigation professionals have the equipment to remove any standing water quickly and thoroughly. They remove excess moisture and get the water out in no time, to avoid further damage. Extraction is done with their state-of-the-art equipment.

Structural Drying

Once all of the water in the home or water in business has been extracted and disinfection and deodorization have been completed, it is time to take further steps that involve drying. Even after the standing water and excess moisture have been removed, building contents and materials may still retain some amount of moisture and this can be removed through drying.

If everything is not properly dried, mold, bacteria, and odors could result. Water cleanup and mitigation professionals have top-of-the-line equipment, which enables them to thoroughly dry your home or business building and protect your property. They ensure that everything, including couches, walls and other affected materials is fully dried out.

Eliminating Bacteria And Mold

Don’t treat flood or water in-home or business lightly. Standing water in business or home can encourage the growth of bacteria and mold, leading to nasty odors. Mold growth can ruin furniture, walls, flooring, carpets, and other materials. 

Water or flood damage cleanup professionals, after extracting the water and moisture, will perform disinfection and deodorization of your home immediately. Reputable professionals understand how crucial it is to take appropriate measures to protect your business or home environment and avoid expensive repairs. Flood mitigation or restoration professionals are certified to remove mold and they have the proper equipment to do it efficiently and effectively and ensure a safe indoor environment.


Water damage mitigation should begin as soon as possible after the incident has occurred. You need to call professionals to handle the situation and restore your property to good condition. Professionals can handle the situation effectively and efficiently. From the evaluation to the drying phase, the goal is to get the job done quickly to prevent further damage to your property. Professional service will get your home or commercial property restored to its original condition. 

Tips for Making Fire Claims Efficient and Simple

5/4/2021 (Permalink)

Burned restaurant, counter when ordering food totally burned Fire damage to a restaurant in Gothard, CA.

Fire Claim And Cleanup Process

While a blaze is a serious setback, the devastation doesn't mean you have to pull the plug on your goals and dreams. A commercial owner in Gothard, CA, who holds a property insurance policy, may file a fire claim, seeking financial assistance. Here are four things owners may do to smooth out the process, saving time and frustration.

1. Don't Wait To Make a Call
Fires often happen during off-hours, late in the evening when people aren't expecting help. That's not true. Insurers usually have a line available to speak with agents, or you can begin to initiate a request online or through a phone application. The earlier you seek assistance, the better off you are.

2. Secure the Area Immediately
Don't let the problem grow. Insurers think less is better; therefore, while owners should not handle the property, a fire restoration company has the knowledge and experience to get right into the structure and attack any immediate concerns. Hire a crew to shield the premises from additional harm. These specialists are likely to board up the location. If extra security is necessary, they can create a watch team.

3. Begin a Documentation File
A fire claim may get held up if it lacks support or is inaccurately made. Take the time to email your agent, asking particular questions about the format for requests and necessary steps. Being aware is a significant part of the compensation game. Keep receipts in this spot. It's best to upload them so they can't get lost. Evidence trials that are easily accessible make your questions more valid.

4. Take Pictures
Any communications or photos that you take should be placed in an online file. Above all, always put an image with your inquiry. Are you asking for property loss replacement? Show the report from the company deeming it lost to fire damage loss. Also, show its charred form. That's hard to refute.
Reach out to your specialists and your insurer to then discuss the fire claim and cleanup. Communication is essential so that you receive what you need and deserve. Speak up and continue to document.

4 Items To Throw Out if Damaged by a Home Fire

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Kitchen Cabinets. The fire damage restoration process can be difficult to go through, especially when it involves getting rid of items that you care for.

If you've experienced a fire in your Fountain Valley, CA, home, there are several steps you'll need to take next. Regrettably, one of them is to throw away affected items. Once it's safe to return to your house, you'll want to immediately check for things that have been contaminated by the fire. If you're unsure of what to inspect, here are four items to throw out if damaged by a home fire.

1. Food
Unfortunately, one of the main items you'll need to throw away after a home fire is food. Inspect all of your food, not just the items that are perishable or lying out. Even your canned goods could have been spoiled by extreme heat. It's also important to check your fridge in case it lost power. Here are some warning signs to keep in mind:

An unpleasant odor
Charred items

2. Medicine
Similar to food, you don't want to consume something that could be contaminated by high heat. Take a good look at each of your medicines. If anything looks charred, throw it out immediately. You'll also want to look for general signs of heat and smoke exposure.

3. Cosmetics
Cosmetics may not be consumed like food or medicine, but most still have contact with your skin. Therefore, you should inspect all of your makeup and skincare products. Make sure nothing is warped or charred. If something is, no matter how expensive the product was, throw it out.

4. Clothes
While clothes are a bit less concerning than edible items, you should still take care to throw away contaminated pieces. Look and sniff for any burn marks or distinct odors. You may be able to salvage unburnt items, so ask an expert if you're uncertain. Take special care to inspect the clothing of children.

The fire damage restoration process can be difficult to go through, especially when it involves getting rid of items that you care for. However, fire damage isn't something to shrug off. Take the necessary precautions and do a thorough inspection.

Different Techniques To Prevent Flooding Throughout History

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

The Thames Barrier in England The Thames Barrier in England

Throughout history, different cultures have faced the threat of high water. This often comes in the form of excessive rains that cause rivers and streams to rise, flowing over banks and inundating homes and buildings. Efforts to escape the devastation caused by floods include moving to new areas, building trenches to divert water and piling up sandbags. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when sandbags first were used to stop flooding, but the practice has been around for more than a century. They are inexpensive and effective, though they require a lot of heavy labor.

The Use of Engineering in Flood Prevention

Many places in the world undertook more extensive measures to control flooding. These efforts involved advanced engineering, often on an epic scale. Many of these programs were developed to keep ocean waters from destroying cities or farmland:

  • The Thames Barrier in England
  • The Watergates of Japan
  • The Maeslant Storm Barrier in the Netherlands
  • The MOSE Project in Venice, Italy

While effective in stopping high water, these projects were extremely expensive. However, they allowed areas of valuable land to remain in use despite fluctuating water levels.

The Utilization of Restoration Services
In recent times, water cleanups have become increasingly sophisticated thanks to professional storm restoration services for commercial properties. A local franchise in Fountain Valley, CA, employs highly-skilled workers who understand the best techniques for restoring a building. These technicians use advanced equipment such as wet vacuums, industrial fans and thermal imaging cameras to erase the impacts of floods and devastating storms. They also employ a variety of cleaning techniques to clean surfaces of microbial and chemical substances as a result of high water. Since water can destroy and corrode everything from wood to metals, the technicians restore and rebuild areas of a building that have undergone severe damage. While water is indispensable to life on the planet, history has shown that it also requires exceptional efforts when it rages out of control.