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Annual Maintenance on you AC Units

8/14/2023 (Permalink)

As we continue into the summer month and the Southern California heat rises, so does the frequency of using your AC unit. Annual maintenance on your AC unit is crucial for it to run properly. SERVPRO is not only a Water, Fire & Mold Remediation and Restoration company but we also preform Air Duct cleaning for commercial and residential properties. Cleaning your air duct and air filters is an important step in maintenance. Dirty air filters can block the airflow and make it hard for the air to hit the evaporator coil. The coils will turn cold until they freeze. One day they will melt, producing excess water that is too much to hold. This process generates leakages from your AC. These leaks can go undetected until its too late and cause further damage and allow mold to grow. Don’t wait, Call us today!

Why Professional Cleaning Services are Better

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

People cleaning a room Professional cleaning services provide better cleaning quality

If you’re on the fence on professional cleaning services, here are the top reasons why they’re better than standard cleaning. 

Better value for money 

Mediocre cleaning solutions only do basic cleaning such as a quick vacuum and taking out the trash. Sure, the service may be cheap but the cleaning quality is substandard. You’ll get better value for your money with professional cleaning services since they offer more cleaning options and provide better long-term  

High-quality cleaning

Professional cleaning services go above and beyond the usual cleaning routines. They will clean hard-to-reach places and ensure your house or business property is thoroughly cleaned using top of the line cleaning procedures and tools. 

Saves you time 

Some of you probably don’t have the time to effectively clean your property, which is why a professional cleaning service will be a big help for you to save you time. They’re experts at what they do and can effectively finish the job for you.