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4 Items To Throw Out if Damaged by a Home Fire

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Kitchen Cabinets. The fire damage restoration process can be difficult to go through, especially when it involves getting rid of items that you care for.

If you've experienced a fire in your Fountain Valley, CA, home, there are several steps you'll need to take next. Regrettably, one of them is to throw away affected items. Once it's safe to return to your house, you'll want to immediately check for things that have been contaminated by the fire. If you're unsure of what to inspect, here are four items to throw out if damaged by a home fire.

1. Food
Unfortunately, one of the main items you'll need to throw away after a home fire is food. Inspect all of your food, not just the items that are perishable or lying out. Even your canned goods could have been spoiled by extreme heat. It's also important to check your fridge in case it lost power. Here are some warning signs to keep in mind:

An unpleasant odor
Charred items

2. Medicine
Similar to food, you don't want to consume something that could be contaminated by high heat. Take a good look at each of your medicines. If anything looks charred, throw it out immediately. You'll also want to look for general signs of heat and smoke exposure.

3. Cosmetics
Cosmetics may not be consumed like food or medicine, but most still have contact with your skin. Therefore, you should inspect all of your makeup and skincare products. Make sure nothing is warped or charred. If something is, no matter how expensive the product was, throw it out.

4. Clothes
While clothes are a bit less concerning than edible items, you should still take care to throw away contaminated pieces. Look and sniff for any burn marks or distinct odors. You may be able to salvage unburnt items, so ask an expert if you're uncertain. Take special care to inspect the clothing of children.

The fire damage restoration process can be difficult to go through, especially when it involves getting rid of items that you care for. However, fire damage isn't something to shrug off. Take the necessary precautions and do a thorough inspection.

How To Clean Your Dryer and Prevent Lint Fires

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine You should remove lint from the dryer filter regularly.

Here Are Some Tips For Preventing Dryer Fire

After doing several loads of laundry, you may not feel like cleaning out the dryer. Yet failing to do so could cause a lint fire in your Gothard, CA, home. A dirty dryer also may not function properly. You should thus remove lint from the filter before or after each load. You should also perform a deeper clean every six months. 

1. Clean the Lint Screen
Every time you use your dryer, lint builds up on the screen. Remove this lint before or after you run the dryer. Start by locating the screen on the dryer door and pulling it out of the appliance. Be careful not to bend the screen too much.
Use either your hand or a cleaning brush to lift the lint from the screen. The lint should come off fairly easily. Every few weeks, you should rinse the screen with water before putting it back into its slot. To prevent a lint fire, you may want to vacuum the screen vent, as well.

2. Clean the Interior Dryer
The interior of the dryer should be cleaned every six months. Remove and wipe the access panel. Then vacuum or wipe any dirt, debris or lint inside the machine.

3. Clean the Vents
You should clean the dryer vents twice a year, as well. After unplugging the dryer, remove the exhaust hose at the back of the appliance. This may require a screwdriver. Use a cleaning brush or vacuum attachment to remove the lint inside the hose. Finally, put a cleaning rod inside the wall vent and rotate its brush to loosen and eliminate excess lint.
A lint fire can quickly spread from the laundry room to the rest of your house. To prevent the need for fire damage cleanup services in your home, you should remove lint from the dryer filter regularly and perform semiannual cleanings of the appliance's vents and interior.

SERVPRO Fire Damage Repair

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

house under fire House fire

Fires can be unnerving and cause massive damage to your property. When the fire department arrives, they will quickly take action to stop the spread of fire. It’s possible that to do this, they might have to cut a hole on the roof of your house or business property to release the smoke faster.  

Fixing the repair will take a lot of time and it’s definitely not an easy process. Fortunately, we at SERVPRO are always ready to help you with fire damage repairs! Our team of professionals are well-trained and have the necessary tools and skills to clean and restore your property in no time. We can fix the roof, clean the debris, and more! If you’re in the California area, you can call our Fountain Valley branch at (714) 965-4500. 

Preventing House Fires

11/9/2020 (Permalink)

house getting burned You need to be vigilant to prevent house fires

Your home is the place where you create precious memories and feel safe. This is why it’s hard to imagine your home being destroyed by a fire. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent house fires from starting. Check out these tips to keep your home secure! 

Don’t just install smoke alarms, test them! 

Installing a smoke alarm is one of the best ways to prevent fires from becoming worse. However, you need to check if they’re working well. If they beep weakly, then it most likely means the battery needs to be replaced.

Fire extinguishers 

A smoke alarm is good but it’s not enough. Once a fire has been detected, you need to have the means to eliminate the fire source. A fire extinguisher can control and remove small fires effectively. 

Ensure your heating sources are not a fire hazard 

Have your heating sources checked by a professional for safety. You should also have your air filters cleaned out. If you’re using a space heater, make sure it’s away from flammable materials.

Restoring Your Property After It Is Damaged by Fire

5/26/2020 (Permalink)

Black-charred ceiling rafters following a fire SERVPRO of Fountain Valley provides 24-hour fire damage restoration service in Fountain Valley

Seeing the remains of your burned home or business property is a heartbreaking and stressful experience. Though it may feel like you have lost everything it’s vitally important to take action immediately after the incident. This is to speed up the recovery process and bring things back to normal as soon as possible. Here’s how you can restore your property after it’s damaged by fire.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider ASAP

We know it’s difficult to think straight after your property has been burned down to the ground, but it’s important to focus and take the necessary actions. Contacting your insurance agent immediately is a great way to start the claims procedure as soon as possible.

Get Advice from the Fire Department, Engineers, and Electricians

First of all, wait for the fire department to assess the damage. Only enter the premises once the area has been designated as safe by the firefighters. You might want to contact an engineer or electrician to check the structure and electrical, respectively.   

Take Photos of the Damage and Ask the Fire Department for a Report

The insurance agent will take pictures but it’s important to have your own photos as well for documentation purposes. Take photos of the external damage if the property isn’t cleared for entry yet. You should also get a copy of the report from the fire department.

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Getting Any Home or Business Back to Original Condition after Fire Damage

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

Getting Any Home or Business Back to Original Condition after Fire Damage

Once a home or business has gone through a devastating fire, the first things people might experience are a sense of shock and a desire to find effective fire damage restoration as soon as possible. In fact, time is critical in these cases since smoke damage and soot damage will normally only get worse as time goes on. Ash is incredibly corrosive and will lead to further damage if it's left in place.

Fire damage events can be very different, but they all have some basic things in common. After the fire trucks leave, the most common experiences are water damage, soot damage, smoke damage and a distinctive smoke smell that is alarmingly unpleasant. A fire in home or a fire in business property is best cleaned up and the areas are best treated and restored by professionals. Fire damage and fire cleanup professionals have the knowledge, expertise and specialized equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Restoring Property and Furnishings to Original Condition

The goal of specialists in fire cleanup is to alleviate commercial fire damage or fire damage to properties. Here are some of the steps they'll take to accomplish fire damage restoration:

- Evaluation - A critical step to determine the extent of soot damage, smoke damage and water damage, along with any other ensuing damages that the home or business have undergone

- Tarps and Boarding Windows - Professionals will survey all commercial fire damage or fire damage to the home and will normally focus on walls, windows and the roof first. This means placing tarps on roofs that have been damaged, and boards over missing windows, along with putting boards over any missing walls that can affect the structural integrity of the building

- Removing Water and Drying Areas - One of the first steps when a fire in home has occurred or fire in business buildings is to remove standing water left behind and to begin a drying process of places that have sustained water damage. Specially designed air movers and dehumidifiers are some of the equipment that will normally be used

- Getting rid of Soot Damage and Smoke Damage - The next areas to concentrate on will probably be removal of soot damage and smoke damage and remediation of the smoke smell. Specialized equipment is used to get rid of soot and smoke from walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces. Ash is very acidic and tends to spread quickly. Professionals know exactly what cleaning methods are most effective

- Removing Odors - This is done with specialty equipment like fogging equipment and air scrubbers to get rid of the smoke smell left behind. This smoke smell can be especially onerous and hard to deal with

- Thorough Cleaning - All of the structures involved in the fire in home or fire in business facilities will be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate soot, ash, odors and restore the integrity of the building and furnishings, if possible. Experts in commercial fire damage and home fire damage know exactly what is needed to clean and sanitize the space after such a catastrophic event

- Restoring a Home or Business to Original Condition - Specialists in fire cleanup, whether this includes commercial fire damage or fire damage restoration of a residence, finalize the fire cleanup process by repairing or replacing drywall, installing new carpets, painting or even reconstructing certain areas if that's determined to be necessary

Things Needed for the Most Effective Fire Damage Restoration

There are several main things needed after a fire in home or fire in business buildings have compromised the integrity of those buildings. These are enough manpower to make the necessary repairs and to do effective fire damage restoration, the proper industrial caliber equipment, proper cleaning solutions and knowledge of the best ways to do effective fire cleanup. A fire is traumatic. It's good to know there are experts in commercial fire damage and home fire damage to restore any home or business to its original condition.
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